Imagine the earth if everyone got along, No mean comments no right or wrong. Imagine the people if we were pure heart, If we stood together, Never to break apart. Imagine the land if we did not throw trash on the streets, To spend the days lying in the heat.  Imagine the Earth, What it could be, If all of us people took the time to believe.  The world around has gone to waste because we have taste in decisions of haste. Imagine what you, Yes you can do. Believe in yourself, Always stay true.

3 thoughts on “Imagine-Poem

  1. I love to imagine a world like you described…you have an extraordinary imagination and are very smart, I can tell…even though we have never met. I’m hopefully every day that I wake up to have a great day. Your beautiful words will keep me reminded to continue being hopeful. Thank you for being such a creative person and sharing your poems! 😃


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