Imagine the earth if everyone got along, No mean comments no right or wrong. Imagine the people if we were pure heart, If we stood together, Never to break apart. Imagine the land if we did not throw trash on the streets, To spend the days lying in the heat.  Imagine the Earth, What it could be, If all of us people took the time to believe.  The world around has gone to waste because we have taste in decisions of haste. Imagine what you, Yes you can do. Believe in yourself, Always stay true.

The Future-Poem

In the future you see robots in the street, Electronic drums playing sounds like….beep beep beep. You imagine electronics at their best, instead of writing on paper we type the answers to our tests. But in the future is a chance for you, to do something you never thought you could do. Maybe in the future you stops cigarettes, maybe you will find something that brings the best. Maybe you will be the first lady to lead, maybe you will stop the “World Hunger” need. Maybe you invent a medicine that cures the ill, Maybe you stop the action called kill. Sure there may be robots or electric tater tots but the future puts you on the hotspot to create.

-Ranada B)


Help the Homeless

On the street you might see someone going through your blue bin and carrying a shopping cart filled with bottles. You might get scared and go inside or you tell them to go away. These people are called homeless and that title is pretty much self explanatory. Homeless people are people who don’t have money, food, shelter, or warm clothes. You might be thinking  “They were lazy so now they are living on the streets” sometimes that is what happens but most of the time it isn’t. Sometimes they were not born into a family that were able to pay the bills with the flick of their wrist and now they grew to have no money. Or maybe they have a disease and they cant function correctly and pick up a job so now they cant pay their bills. Sometimes what is happening to this person never runs through your mind at first sight. So when you see one of these people give them a bottle of water or food. Maybe offer them the old coat in he back of your closet. If you have food on the table give them some. Most people don’t know that more than 500,000 people in the US are homeless! They are still people… Just like you and me. On Youtube I watched a social experiment about a homeless man who shares his small amount of food even though he is starving! check out my link above this post!

-Ranada 😉


Hi! My name is Ranada. I want to welcome you to my website where I will be posting poems that will inspire and hopefully motivate you to do something. Sometimes I will post other things like awareness on my site. But mostly you should find poems. Scroll a bit down and look in the bottom right corner and follow my website. 

-Ranada 🙂